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About Mia Puerta

Our Story

Forty years and three generations of iron forgers and blacksmiths Mia Puerta is steeped in tradition yet ever evolving to meet today’s architectural and design demands. Established in Houston in 1975, our roots run deep and our foundation is solid. We intend to continue this tradition for generations to come.


Our European inspired designs are portals to nature’s ever changing portraits; to savor nature & protect from the elements from sunrise to sunset. Our designs double as standalone work of art. Doors and windows are to be seen and admired yet they should not be the only thing one should see. They should conjure light and happiness while making a solid statement of the astuteness of their collector. These concepts are pillars of our designs.
We custom make every door and window to satisfy the essence of the homeowner’s taste and the feeling they expect from their surroundings. At Mia Puerta, our windows and doors transcend generations in design, quality and durability